Human resources

Ney & Partners is a multidisciplinary team of about 85 persons. The following skills and profiles are working in our office:
civil engineer, civil engineer architect, industrial engineer, architect, product designer, mathematician, draughtsman,
art historian, graphic designer and office management

Laurent Ney, Founder of Ney & Partners, architect and civil engineer
(ULg, Liège, Belgium 1989; RWTH, Aachen, Germany 1989)

Jeroen Vander Beken, civil engineer
(UGent, Gent, Belgium 2006; People Management – Vlerick Business School Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 2015; Financial Management – Vlerick Business School Brussel, Brussel, Belgium 2017)

Nathalie Ries, architect
(ISAE La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium 1992; Polytecnico Milano, Italy 1992)

Vincent Dister, civil engineer
(ULg, Liège, Belgium 1998)

Mathieu Jacques de Dixmude, civil engineer
(ULg, Liège, Belgium 1993; CEng MISTructE)

Matthieu Mallié, civil engineer
(ULB, Brussels, Belgium 2000)

Olivier Gallez, engineer architect
(UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 1997; UPC, Barcelona, Spain 1999)

Eric Bodarwé, civil engineer
(ULg, Liège, Belgium 2001)

Ryuchi Watanabe, architect
(Tohoku University, Japan 1999; Graduate School of Tohoku University 2001)

Thijs Van Roosbroeck, civil engineer
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium 2008)

Benoît Mallet, mathematic and mechanical modelling engineer
(MATMECA, Bordeaux, France, 2008)

Joris Smits, architect – civil engineer
(Technical University Delft, Delft, The Netherlands 1994)