Installation of the 2nd part footbridge in Post X site, Antwerp (BE) - (March 19, 2019)

Last week the steel construction company CSM from Hamont-Achel in the Belgium mounted 44 m long second part of total 100m long footbridge. This part is crossing the Antwerp Singel. The pedestrian bridge connects the new Post-X office cluster with the Ryckaertplein at Berchem station. This second part weights 54 tons and was placed using two telescopic cranes. The first part of the bridge was already in place since April 2018 and is integrated into the buildings. The bridge parts are welded together to create one continuous structure. The installation of last 3rd part of the bridge is planned for summer 2019. Ney & Partners ’design is based on origami folding art. The buildings of Post X were designed by architects Stéphane Beel and Jasper-Eyers.