Mounting the glass roof of the Rubens portico, Antwerp (BE) - (February 19, 2019)

In the courtyard of the painter Peter Paul Rubens’ house a canopy is built that must protect the restored portico. This together with the garden Pavilion is one of the last original pieces designed by Rubens. The House itself was thoroughly restored in the 18th century.

The sculpture on the portico was strongly damaged by air pollution and acid rain. The glass canopy, a design by Ney & Partners in collaboration with MAAT_WERK Architecten, will limit this kind of damage in the future.

Two weeks ago a crane lifted the steel beams and the lead ballast, good for a total of 30 tons, over the 12m-high façade on the Wapper street in the center of Antwerp. The glass will be placed in the coming weeks. http://www.