Ney & Partners combines local craftsmanship with high-tech construction methods, Tintagel (UK) - (April 23, 2019)

The construction of the different parts of the footbridge for the heritage site of Tintagel is in full swing. The bridge designs of Ney & Partners are always specific to the site where they are built. Local building traditions, user-friendliness and fabrication process are important points of attention. The 18 parts of the steel bridge are built by the steel constructor Underhill Engineering Ltd from Plymouth. The general contractor is American Bridge UK. The slate bridge covering is taken from the century-old quarry of Delabole. As the archaeological site had to be preserved, special construction methods were developed by Ney & Partners for the construction of the bridge. Building materials are supplied by helicopters and an on-site cable car. The pedestrian bridge will be opened to the public in June 2019.