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Poissy Footbridge - 16.072


Architectural and engineering mission.


The project comprises three principal interventions. Firstly, the bridge itself forms a direct link between Poissy and Carrières-sous-Poissy. The contemporary new footbridge echoes the historic bridges of the site, following the same alignment and adopting the same structural principle of multiple continuous arched spans. The second feature of the project is the transformation of Robinson Island into a public space for cultural events and festivities. A terraced grand stand unites the existing abutment and the new public square. The geometry of the whole utilizes the same building language that the site has known throughout its history. The third aspect is the rediscovery of a bay on the right bank of the Seine, a historic widening that was covered over in the 19th century. This area will once again become an exceptional point of contact with the Seine. A gentle slope will allow people to walk in the water. It will also become a nature reserve, a breeding place for fish, a stopping point for kayakers or perhaps a jetty for small pleasure boats. It is a new world yet to be discovered.

  • Ney & Partners, Strates, SCE, Atelier Roland Jeol éclairage

  • SMSO - MO délégué : EPAMSA

  • Poissy, France

  • 300 m

  • 11600000 € Vat Excl.

  • In Study
  • Ney & Partners - Hayes Davidson