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Structural study of the existing steel structure and design of strengthening measures.


ABATTOIR SA – the company that manages the Anderlecht slaughterhouses has appointed Ney & Partners to carry out the structural engineering studies needed for the renovation of the steel structure of the covered market. architects will perform the historical and architectural study. The roof is a structure of imposing size, with an area of 100 m x 100 m and a height of more than 20 m, built above a vaulted masonry basement. The structural elements of the roof are riveted trusses, supported on cast iron columns. The design dates back to 1887, the structure was built between 1888 and 1890. Today the indoor market is still used for markets and other events.

Specific features

The supporting structure has suffered considerable deterioration such as heavy corrosion of the façade elements on the windward side, broken cast iron columns, cracked and missing glazing elements and settlement of basements vaults. In the first phase of the works the structure will be stabilised. Temporary wind bracings and shoring will be provided in order to ensure the stability of the canopy in anticipation of the final restoration. These temporary facilities will be designed to allow easy disassembly of damaged components, e.g. columns and beams that need to be replaced during the main restoration work. The restored structure will be corrosion protected and the end facades will also be re-glazed.

  • Architectenvennootschap

  • Abattoir nv

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • 10000 m2

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