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Complete mission for C & S engineering.


The Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Progogine (HELB) and the new VRT and RTBF building will be the heart of the Brussels Mediapark, a new urban area strongly focused on durability and new media. This university college will be more than a mere school building. It will become a public area for all those working with or on cinematography, film, and photography. The ground floor will function as a vibrant marketplace surrounded by auditoria, movie theatres, bars, and media libraries. The remarkable circulations seen through the transparent façade make the interaction between students clearly visible, as well as the public expositions on display and the daily film and photo practices. The building becomes a living silver screen, fuelling the park with ever changing activities, images, and dynamics. Film and audio studios are on the -1 level, allowing optimal conditions for both acoustics and daylight control.

Specific features

The superstructure consists of a steel skeleton structure with pre-stressed concrete floor slabs. The spans are spacious and the cantilevers are large, creating a flexible structure in which varying occupancy is possible. Above the cafeteria is a load-transferring structure in the form of a Vierendeel girder. This measure avoids columns not only in the cafeteria but also in the underlying underground studio.

  • b-Architecten

  • ASBL Ilya Prigogine

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • 5400 m2

  • In Study
  • b-Architecten