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Artwork ‘A giant sculpture’ - 18.039


Complete mission for c & s engineering.


Artwork in the natural reserve de Hoge Mouw, Kasterlee. The artwork forms a fragment of a monumental statue, suggesting a statue that was once buried under a dune. The starting point of the artwork is the archetype of a sculpture. This is transformed using a game of fine triangles in weathering steel. Thanks to its monumental scale the sculpture is also accessible from inside. This gives one a glimpse at the negative of the face and a different look at the surroundings. The sculpture was constructed using 2132 welded triangles in weathering steel. The foundations are posed on reinforced prefabricated concrete blocks. Ney & Partners was responsible for the c & s studies.

  • Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

  • Provincie Antwerpen, Groendomeinen Kempen

  • Kasterlee, Belgium

  • Completed
  • Lucas Claessens