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Bicycle and footbridge Watersportbaan - 19.051


Complete mission for architectural and structural design.


The realisation of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Watersportbaan is a strategic project that fits within a broad approach for a bicycle-friendly Ghent. The bridge is the missing link in the main cycle route 'Westerringspoor' and will also be part of the bicycle highway F400.

Specific features

With a span of 78 m, the new bridge over the Watersportbaan will have a hybrid structure that can be interpreted as a beam bridge on the one hand and an arch bridge on the other. In this way, the design optimally follows the force effect. The bridge is 7 m wide and fans out at both ends in order to connect smoothly to the Noorderlaan and the Zuiderlaan. The side plates of the steel supporting structure are not of the same height over the entire length and are also provided with a series of vertical openings. In this way, the structure is made very transparent. The bridge disturbs as little as possible the long sightlines over the Watersportbaan. From the bridge deck, the view to the water is made as clear as possible. Ney & Partners is working with landscape designers OMGEVING to integrate the bridge and to create the new environment.

  • Ney & Partners BXL

  • City of Ghent

  • Ghent, Belgium

  • 78 m

  • 2650000 € Vat Excl.

  • In Study
  • Ney & Partners - OMGEVING