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Complete mission for architectural and structural design.


The new bike and pedestrian Park bridge, designed by Ney & Partners, has known intense usage since its opening in 2017. On the eastern side of the Spoor Noord park, a ramp gives a comfortable access for cyclists from the park to the bridge. On the western side cyclists currently use a staircase with a bicycle conveyor belt or a lift. Ney & Partners is now designing a bike-friendly and safe solution to access the western side.

Specific features

The loop-shaped bike ramp will be built on the existing structure of an underground car park. Other critical constraints include guaranteeing a slope of maximum 4%, keeping an 8 m distance to the adjacent facades, finding the widest possible radii, and securing a logical connection between the bridge and the square. In order to reduce the weight on the existing structure and du to execution constraints, the main structure is in steel. In cross section the adjacent parts of the deck are connected by V-shaped columns. These columns are supported on top of the existing columns in the underground parking lot. The bike ramp is thus one monolithic whole, the main structure of which is situated within the loop. The bridge deck is a closed triangular box girder, capable of withstanding torsion. For the handrail, a transparent solution with slim posts and handle in stainless steel was chosen. LED lighting is integrated in the handrail. The bottom of the steel structure will also be illuminated. This will allow an indirect lighting of the square, which is currently lacking.

  • Ney & Partners


  • Antwerp, Belgium

  • 140 m

  • 510 m2

  • In execution
  • Ney & Partners, bmd