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Boekelose Bridge - 16.083


Complete mission for architectural and structural design.


The new Boekelose bridge crossing the Twente canal is part of the boulevard “Hart van het Zuid”; it connects the centre of Hengelo with the A35 highway. The project was granted after a design & build-competition to Dura Vermeer and Ney & Partners.

Specific features

The bridge has no superstructure, nor external members. Both aesthetically and structurally, the abutments and the deck become one continuous whole. The bridge is an integral structure, meaning without joints or bearings. The deck is a curved steel shell and forms the main structure. It is stiffened on its top side by two longerons and several transversal plates. This shell also serves as permanent formwork for a light-weight concrete filling. As thus, the bridge presents a new typology, in which the classical division between bridge, abutment, and retaining walls has been suspended. The particular design is underlined by the handrail and the lighting. The railing continues above and underneath the bridge, highlighting the usually neglected underside, and giving the whole a hint of continuous motion. The LED-lighting is installed inside of the handrail; all cables remain invisible. At night, the bridge glows as a new landmark for passers-by. The solar panels integrated into the asphalt provide for the required energy. A further sustainable solution is the use of powder coating for all steel elements, limiting future maintenance.

  • Ney & Partners

  • Dura Vermeer Beton -en Waterbouw BV, Gemeente Hengelo

  • Hengelo, The Netherlands

  • 50 m

  • 8200000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • Ney & Partners - Dura Vermeer