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Bridge Blitterswijck - 15.089


Complete mission for architectural and structural design.


On the main road between Wanssum and Broekhuizen, at the location of the Oude Maasarm, the existing road sections will be replaced by bridges at two specific locations. These bridges provide flood-free access to the area. They also guarantee good accessibility for residents, visitors, and freight traffic. The road also functions as an evacuation road. The structures are used by (motorised) road traffic and are also intended for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridges over the 'green river' are important links in the tourist and recreational infrastructure of the area.

Specific features

The Blitterswijck bridge is a concrete structure with a total length of 132.5 m divided into 7 spans. The deck has a functional width of 12.1 m, consisting of two 3.5 m lanes and two 2.5 m foot/cycle paths. The two abutments, designed as bastions, are clad with prefabricated panels specifically designed to fit in with the context. The bridge can be considered semi-integral; the pillars are monolithically connected to the deck. The abutments are given classical bearings, free in the longitudinal direction. The bridge deck was poured into a movable formwork, span by span.

  • Ney & Partners

  • Dura Vermeer – Ploegam

  • Wanssum, The Netherlands

  • 132.5 m

  • 1700 m2

  • In execution
  • Ney & Partners