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Bridge ‘Over ‘t Broek’ - 15.089


Complete architectural and engineering study from proposal to the construction.


The bridge in the centre of the village of Wanssum connects the eastern and western part of the village. It is used by motorized road traffic, but also by pedestrians and cyclists. This infrastructure is not only a connection but also a destination. By a subtle play of levels the users who pause on the benches get a rich view of the Molenbeek valley and the Marina. The bridge, together with its immediate surroundings form a square in the heart of the village.

Specific features

The bridge is paved with baked paving stones from a brick factory along the Meuse River and provides a village-like appearance. The concrete bridge has a total length of 81 m divided into two equal spans. The deck width varies between 12 m at the abutments and 23,5 m in the middle of the bridge. The deck is monolithically connected with central piers. The two abutments, designed as bastions, are lined with prefab panels specifically designed for optimal fitting in the context. The deck is post-tensioned with 18 cables of 22 strands. The reduction of self-weight in the deck is achieved by built-in polystyrene blocks.

  • Ney & Partners

  • Dura Vermeer – Ploegam

  • Wanssum, Nederland

  • 81 m

  • 1135 m2

  • In execution
  • Paul Poels