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Bridges Singelpark - 15.053


Architectural and engineering mission


The brief of the municipality to design five pedestrian bridges in a park is exceptional. The bridges are intended for the Singelpark that forms a circle around the city. They will fulfill their classic role as connecting elements, but also have to be more than just that. They will be carry the identity of the park in a natural way. The challenge is to design a family of bridges that can provide an answer to all situations, to form one apparent geometrical, architectural and structural response for the specificity of each place.

Specific features

The bridges will be constructed by U-shaped transversal elements from weathering steel, which have both the function of parapet and of transversal stiffener. The U-shaped elements are connected by a series of stainless steel spheres that form a structural arch in the parapet. The space between two U-frames of the deck is filled with masonry pavers, typical for the city of Leiden. Stainless steel, weathering steel, and brick: three materials with low maintenance demands. These are the basic materials for all Singel park bridges. The concept is flexible, it can be adjusted depending on the locations and it allows public participation or cooperation with an artist.

  • 2014-2016

  • 2017

  • Ney & Partners

  • Gemeente Leiden

  • Leiden, The Netherlands

  • In Study
  • Ney & Partners