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Center Bridge, Menen - 18.059


Complete study for architectural and structural design.


The adaptation of the river profile between Lys and Menin is an opportunity for a fundamental and large-scale transformation of the city centre. Promenades along the Lys, new public spaces and the bridges (traffic and bicycle bridge) have been designed to create a coherent ensemble. The new structure is in line with the continuity of public spaces on both banks. Seen from the deck it does not present any visually dominant element; the entire load-bearing structure being placed under the bridge deck. The arched form in plan view is justified not only by the need to keep the old bridge in service during the construction works but also by the desire to mark the presence of the French border and to provide views towards the Lys and the green island.

Specific features

From the engineer's point of view, it is a hyperstatic frame-bridge with a central supporting structure, whose lateral spans have been designed to prevent any tension on the support devices. The form in plan-view generates an overall torsion that is balanced by a meticulous choice of the position on plan of the support points provided by the intermediate piles. To facilitate assembly, the main structure is made entirely of steel. The deck is made of in-situ reinforced concrete, the formwork being supported by the metal structure. The abutments, also made of reinforced concrete, are cladded with bricks the colour, texture and bonding of which are inspired by the existing Vauban walls, as the fortifications of Menin have been designed by the famous French military architect.

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