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CEPOS – Office building - 15.046


Complete mission for civil and structural engineering.


The extension to the administration of the Centre for epilepsy and psycho-organic disorders (CEPOS) is a collaboration between the psychiatric center and the University of Antwerp. The new building contains, besides offices and consultation rooms, several classrooms and an auditorium.

Specific features

The floor plan is organised around the central concrete core. The hollow, exposed concrete walls are made as large as possible in order to reduce the number of joints. The connection between the existing building and the new building is the double-height entrance hall area. The floor plates span from core to facade, and have both beams and the core activation ducts integrated within their thickness. In this way, interference with building services can be avoided, and the resulting open plan retains maximum flexibility in layout. Near the façade, only colums are used as to not block the curtain wall's transparancy.

  • Atelier M Architects + Planners

  • VZW Emmaus

  • Duffel, Belgium

  • 1000 m2

  • 1700000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • Atelier M Architects + Planners