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Co-housing Bijgaarde - 17.033


Complete mission for C and S engineering.


The Bijgaarde Park, the former Malmar factory will accommodate the largest sustainable co-housing project in Belgium. It is composed of housing units for 57 families in three different buildings. One of the buildings houses a neighbourhood health centre with a car park for 24 cars. The existing park will be expanded and interwoven into the project. The factory will be demolished, but some characteristic brick walls and shed roofs will be included in the new design.

Specific features

The primary structure of the new building consists mainly of facade columns and beams, sand-lime brick masonry and a number of concrete walls for horizontal stability. The floors are made of reinforced concrete on pre slabs to allow geometric flexibility. Steel profiles have been used on certain structural axes to maximise the free height. The terraces, walkways and external staircases are supported by the primary structure via various thermal breaks. In order to limit vibrations towards the residential units, the terraces have been finished and the lift shaft has been doubled. The building is based on foundation piles. Extensive to very intensive green roofs with solar panels and a conservatory are provided above the residential units.

  • Bogdan & Van Broeck

  • Cohousing Biotope, Burgerlijke Maatschap De Spore, Burgerlijke Maatschap Wijgaard, WGC Kapellenberg, Sogent

  • Ghent, Belgium

  • 13000 m2

  • In Study
  • Bogdan & Van Broeck