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Design Square Ville 2 - 12.047


Study and design of steel colums


As a condition of receiving a building permit for the extension of the 'Ville 2' shopping mall in Charleroi, Société Générale Immobilière de Belgique (LSGIB) committed itself to supporting an urban rebranding initiative. Part of this initiative is the installation of an artwork whose monumental steel blades will mark the entrance to Charleroi and enhance certain public facilities in the vicinity, such as the entrance to the Metro and the footbridge over the RN90. These steels masts which range in height from 6 to 16 m, will be integrated in the urban fabric of the crossing of the la Basse Sambre Street in the neighborhood of la Samaritaine.

Specific features

Bold black and white zigzag patterns are used to animate the concrete paving around the base and integrate certain elements of urban furniture and at night spotlights will illuminate the public space. The structure of the masts is composed of steel plates welded together to create hollow triangular profiles. Compared to simple steel blades these hollow profiles offer greater resistance to bending and torsion with much reduced plate thickness. In addition to normal resistance and normal deformation criteria, it was also necessary to consider the response of the installation to the dynamic effects of wind. In particular it was verified that no problems would arise from phenomena such as vortex shedding gallop.

  • 2012-2014

  • Reservoir A

  • La Société Générale Immobilière de Belgique

  • Charleroi, Belgium

  • In Study
  • Reservoir A