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Footbridge Cadzand - 14.079


Execution study.


The masterplan of OKRA Landscape Architects for Cadzand is part of the ‘High Water Protection Program 2’. In the scheme, Cadzand-Bad will be reconnected to both the sea and the dunes. The project also includes the construction of an exceptional pedestrian bridge, parallel to the coast line crossing the channel mouth. This bridge links the boulevard and the dunes on the east side with the Harbour Square on the west side, all the while offering a magnificent view over the new Marina. Starting from the preliminary design by OKRA, Ney & Partners put all their knowledge to the use of creating a construction scheme in line with the architectural intentions. To master the complex geometry, an integral 3D-model was created, and integrated into the BIM-model of the overall project. Of particular attention here was the exact position of the oblique columns.

Specific features

The bridge acts as a hyper static girder box. Vertical transverse stiffeners ensure the box’s structural integrity, even with relatively thin steel sheets (10-12mm). Due to these small thicknesses, it was possible to realize the fillets proposed by the architects. Of particular concern was the interaction of the intermediate supports with the dike, both in structural terms as towards watertight integrity near the pumping station.

  • Okra Landschape Architects

  • Eiffage-Iemants

  • Cadzand, The Netherlands

  • 85 m

  • Completed