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Footbridge Post X - 15.096


Complete mission for architecture and structural design.


The footbridge is part of the new office complex Post X, a project by Stéphane Beel Architecten and Jaspers-Eyers Architects. It connects the inner square of the development with the railway station's square of Berchem. The structure first runs through the Facility Centre's colonnade as it also provides the main acces to this building, and then spans across the Singel boulevard. Next to the cycling lane a pier in architectural concrete is made. On the square itself the bridge transforms into a wide staircase and allows for the future integration of an elevator.

Specific features

The structure consists out of a structural steel ballustrade plus closed boxed girder in origami pattern. This pattern ensures lateral stability for the ballustrade under compression loads. Next to the Facility Centre, the ballustrade has two openings to ensure access to the building. Here, the bridge supports on beams and columns part of the building's main structure; the support scheme is thus optimized to avoid unfavourable reaction forces. On the station square an invisible beam is integrated into the pavement; it distributes the bridge loads towards the underlying parking structure.

  • Ney & Partners

  • IRET Development nv

  • Antwerp, Belgium

  • 110 m

  • 385 m2

  • Completed
  • Japser Léonard - Jaspers-Eyers Architects