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Head Quarters Cordeel - 15.001


Complete mission for C & S engineering. (BIM)


The main contractor Cordeel’s new HQ is situated in Temse. The building spans the 60 m wide dry dock of the former shipyard the Boelwerf at a height of 15 m. The terrace surrounding the two-storey building offers a view of the Scheldt, the Temse bridge and the city. The main floors are accessible by four different stairwells and elevators. In the middle of the span two other, open stairwells connect both floors. Parking spaces and archives are located below the southern support, the technical installations are located in the existing pump chamber near the northern support.

Specific features

The main structure of the building consists of two steel trusses of 10 m high and 100 m long. The central span is 72 m, the northern and southern cantilever are respectively 17,4 m and 19,4 m. Both trusses are supported by steel hollow section columns of 100 by 60 cm founded on piles. The slender columns allow the steel structure to dilate. Perpendicular to the two trusses, steel H-beams every 3,6 m support the composite floor. The horizontal stability of the building is ensured by the concrete cores built around the steel columns. The central span of the steel structure was assembled next tot the dock and then transported towards its supports. There it was lifted and fixed in its finfal position. The influence of the temporary stages on the deformations of the structure was taken into account in the execution shedule of the glazing and finishing. Through BIM coordination prevented clashes during the execution and shortened construction time.


SCIA User Contest 2020, Prize of the jury category buildings < 6000m² & the Prize of the Public.

  • Crepain - Binst Architecture

  • Cordeel Zetel Temse n.v.

  • Temse, Belgium

  • 5000 m2

  • Completed
  • Limeparts-Drooghmans en Studio PSG