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Housing Complex Kaai 37 Cadix - 13.020


Complete mission for C & S engineering.


Kaai 37 is a group of 4 apartment buildings on ‘het Eilandje’, the historical port of Antwerp. Each building has its own identity, while sharing the inspiration of the old Hangars. The apartments overlook the Kempic docks on the one side and the inner garden designed by WEST 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture on the other. In total there are 5 ground floor housing units, 72 apartments and 4 commercial spaces. All apartments are designed following the passive house standards, and together make the first passive apartment building in Belgium. They’re following the strictest rules concerning consumption of energy, water and material quality.

Specific features

Building next to the Docs of the Schelde implies a high groundwater level. This made the execution of the two underground parking levels a big challenge. The design team chose to seal the construction pit completely with a watertight retaining soil-mix wall and a deep well. The soilmix walls acted as a temporary retaining structure for ground and water pressures, and will be a permanent support for the vertical loads of the buildings. The façade of the META building was composed with structural prefabricated green concrete frames. The use of structural exterior frames in combination with the insulation-requirements of passive buildings was far from evident. The thermic decoupling of the structure was extensively studied.

  • Meta Architectuur / architecten de vylder vinck taillieu / OFFICE KGDVS / noAarchitecten

  • Project2

  • Antwerp, Belgium

  • 13850 m2

  • 13175000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • Filip Dujardin