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King Baudouin Stadium - 12.037


Renovation of the metallic roof and the anchors of the lighting masts


Following observing many structural degradations, the City of Brussels (Ville de Bruxelles) decided to renovate the roof of the stadium and the anchorages of the lighting masts. The infiltration of water into the roof structure had many consequences: corrosion, visual decreased of the stadium, the effects of freezing and thawing with water infiltration in beams causing its swelling and deformations. Generally, all beams have a lack of painting (not sufficient steel protection). The anchorages of the lighting masts which are exposed to the rain are corroded and threaten the mast stability. That is why Ney & Partners propose an effective and 'as cheap as possible' solution of renovation in the aim that the works on site begin 'as fast as possible'. The pinciple of renovation were found in collaboration with tests and analyses made on site by a specialised enterprise X Point O.

Specific features

The stadium is divided in four tribunes (T1 to T4). Only the tibrunes 2 to 4 has to be renovated, tribune 1 is concidered to be in a good state. The stability of the roof is made by several continous parralel beams fixed to the main beams. A steel deck is fixed ont these beams to close the roof. This steeldeck is attached in this lower part. This detail is not the best. Indeed, to avoid problems with water infiltration, it is adviced to fixe it in its upper part. Four lighting pylons around the stadium are independant from the tribunes. These masts are anchored in a concrete socle with large diameter anchorages (from 54mm to 64mm)

  • 2012-2013

  • 2013

  • City of Brussels

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • 25000 m2

  • 300000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • City of Brussels