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Membrane structure Koerich Castle - 17.066


Complete mission for architectural and structural design of a membrane.


One major appeal of Koerich Castle is the possibility of organizing concerts and various activities in the elevated 31 m by 10 m area of the former main building. To protect people from the elements, it was desirable to cover the stage space. The considerable mass of the remaining walls on the east, south and west sides makes it possible to envisage a lightweight tensile structure stretched between these walls. A primary cable spans on top of the facades from east to west along the axis of the main building. The membrane is attached to this cable at two high points, and the contour of the surface forms the low edge of the membrane. An edge cable, hung at different points on the perimeter, puts the entire membrane under tension. To maximize the covered area, the six low points of the membrane are extended as close as 80 cm towards the inner faces of the castle. The two low points facing the inner courtyard are supported by two masts with a circular section of diameter of 168 mm and a height of 7 m resting on a 40 mm ball joint. The elevated points remain free of structural elements underneath, which helps the stage space accommodate several layout options. The chosen geometry, with a surface area of 240 m², defines two equivalent spaces that can either be organized into spectator and show space, or dedicated entirely to a stage space.


Luxembourg Architecture Award 2019

  • Ney & Partners

  • Service des sites et monuments nationaux

  • Koerich, België

  • 310 m2

  • Completed
  • Ney & Partners