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Mixed-use building techniCITE - 16.037


Complete mission for C and S engineering.


Construction of a passive or low energy mixed use building complex composed out of housing, offices, microeconomics facilities, hall for leisure... Including the renewal of the outdoors, being part of a neighbourhood revitalization project.

Specific features

The buildings have different topologies: concrete slabs on high resistance columns, prefabricated floors and masonry walls, complete wooden construction and a steel structured hall with great spans. All buildings have foundations on piles.

  • Atelier 2F - Atelier de l'Arbre d'Or

  • IDETA - Ville de Tournai

  • Tournai, Europe

  • 20500 m2

  • 17000000 € Vat Excl.

  • In Study
  • Ney & Partners