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Generic bridge hovering trails - 17.070


Complete mission for architectural and structural design.


Design of a flexible and environmentally friendly trail that minimizes points of contact with the ground and therefore shields the sensitive area beneath and around it. The approach can be applied and adapted to different circumstances and needs in nature.

Specific features

The design is unique, since it can be applied over lavastone, by hot springs and swamp, without damaging the substrate. It can be applied as a trail or a bridge that has the same visible appearance. The main goal is to adapt the human made trail to nature as much as possible, so it almost becomes one with nature. The distinction is clear though, the trail is hovering above ground and avoids human contact to the substrate beneath it. Because of the V-shaped carrier form, the soil under the trail is visible and enjoys sunlight. Giving the moss and heather vegetation to survive. It is very important in nature reserve to be able to reverse implementations. The project got a grant from the Technology Development Fund.

  • Ney & Partner - Alternance Architecture

  • , Iceland

  • 6 m

  • 9 m2

  • Completed
  • Ney & Partners - Alternance Architecture