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Reep Bridge - 18.038


Complete mission for architectural and structural design.


The history and development of the city of Kortrijk are intimately related to the river Leie. It is not only an important axis of the river network in Flanders and Europe but is also a key factor in Kortrijks urban life and identity. The Reepbridge is one of the eight crossings which have been replaced as a result of the necessity to increase the clearance height and width to 11.40 m and 7.00 m respectively. The new bridge will connect the west end of the Buda island with the quarter Overleie. On the island, on the right-hand bank, and alongside the waterfront, on the left-hand bank, new real estate developments are planned and make it necessary to create a new connection.

Specific features

The proposal is a response to the specific requirements of the client: the presence of elevators for pedestrians and cyclists on each bank, the limitations on construction phasing due to water traffic and the request for a discreet but contemporary infrastructure. The new bridge is a fully steel cable-stayed bridge that uses the two elevator shafts as pylons. In cross section, the deck - a continuous steel plate with cross stiffeners - is supported on two longitudinal beams made from a single steel plate. The finishing of the 60 m long deck consists of an epoxy layer reinforced with carborandum grains suited for footbridges. The two staircases are in steel and give the bridge its own identity and expressiveness. LED bars are integrated in the handrail and serve both functional and architectural lighting. The development of the public space is designed in collaboration with Landschape architects OMGEVING.

  • Ney & Partners

  • Waterwegen en Zeekanaal, Flemish Community

  • Kortrijk, Belgium

  • 60 m

  • 2110000 € Vat Excl.

  • In Study
  • Ney & Partners