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Renovation De Hoorn 2 - 16.010


Complete mission for C & S engineering.


A few years after the restoration of the Artois monument, De Hoorn decided to expand. The new building will be composed of an underground bike parking, five floors of office space, an extension of the skybox and three residential floors.

Specific features

The building has two components, each of which having its own structural logic. The part with the offices consists of large span structures realized with precast hollow core slabs supported on prefabricated facade beams and columns. This creates an open plan for the architecture and services. The second part, where the skybox and the residences are located, is constructed with pre-slab floors supported by the facade and the central core, as well as a few interior load-bearing concrete walls. The 7th floor provides a transfer level for both services and the loadbearing system. Starting from that level the west side is supported on the prefabricated façade elements. On the east the loads the loads are carried down onto the central core and the existing building. To limit the extra weight on the existing building, concrete hollow-core and light finishing materials are applied. In addition, some local interventions are carried out in the existing building in order to make the enlargement possible. In the patio, between the new offices and the old Artois buildings, a green roof with external steel staircase is foreseen.

  • 360 Architecten

  • De Hoorn

  • Leuven, Belgium

  • 5500 m2

  • 7500000 € Vat Excl.

  • In execution
  • Ney & Partners - 360 Architecten