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Renovation of Clesse and Demeer Bridges - 17.079


Engineering and design of a new guardrail.


The renovation of two bridges built in 1903 must ensure their lifespan until 2068 - a total of 165 years -: the renovation of the supporting structure, abutments and foundations, the upgrading of the fixtures to ensure user safety, and the renovation of finitions, and in particularly the replacement of the guardrails with a new design.

Specific features

The Clesse (49 m) and Demeer (31 m) bridges span above the Tour et Taxis parc, on the border between the City of Brussels and the municipality of Molenbeek. In 2019, they are already 116 years. These bridges have truss metallic structures (using St. Andrew's Cross bracings). The Clesse Bridge has two principal longitudinal truss girders and a secondary transversal steel structure. The deck is composed of metallic arches supporting the concrete fill. The Demeer Bridge consists of seven longitudinal truss girders and two secondary truss girders, all made of steel and under the deck. Both bridges are supported by stone abutments and wooden piles. The objectives of the renovation: historical analysis of the bridges, identification of pathologies, analysis of materials through samples of the bridge, analysis of its loadbearing resistance according to current standards (Eurocodes), stability study and fatigue analysis. Establishment of the repairs to be carried out to satisfy the calculations. A new, more transparent and lightweight guardrail was proposed to renovate the existing one and give the users of the bridge a view on the park below.

  • Beliris

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • 750 m2

  • 1100000 € Vat Excl.

  • In Study
  • Ney & Partners