Projects / Renovation and restoration of the old Court House of Antwerp

Renovation and restoration of the old Court House of Antwerp - 16.007


Complete mission for architectural and structural design.


The Old Court of Justice in Antwerp is being renovated to accommodate and gather other services of the Department of Justice that could not be included in the new courthouse. The renovation/restoration is led by a team formed around HUB architects, assisted by Origin and Bureau Bouwtechniek. The design will improve the legibility of the original plan as well as restore the original circulation, whilst upgrading the overall functionality to modern standards. The most visible change will undoubtedly be the opening of the old courtyard. Because of lack of space this patio was covered with a glass roof in the 1930’s, as to be able to host the Registry Office.

Specific features

Ney & Partners holds the complete mission for the structural design and engineering, comprising, besides the various interventions, two steel outdoor pavilions. The first is located on the Stockmansstraat. It acts as passage for prison vans and is completely closed. The other is an interpretation of the peristyle in a new open courtyard.

  • HUB, Origin, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Optimit, FPC, RCR, Daidalos Peutz,

  • Regie der Gebouwen, Cel Justitie (FOD)

  • Antwerp, Belgium

  • 22500 m2

  • In Study
  • HUB