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Roof pavillion Frans Masereel Center - 18.013


Structural engineering for the execution phase of the roof structure.


The Frans Masereel Centrum project is an annex of the existing cultural center. The new building will be a place where artists, researchers and graphic designers from all over the world will meet and experiment.

Specific features

Its shape is based on a indented conical dome to form interior and exterior spaces. The walls are made of concrete and glass while the roof structure is entirely designed with timber. The roofing frame works as a reciprocal structure. Twenty five levels of reciprocity are arranged to cover the surface. The result is a highly complex structure in which each piece is unique and influences all the wood members. This led us to realize a complete finite element model. And allowed us to optimize the dimensioning taking into account the exact role of each member in the overall stability of the building.

  • LIST - Hideyuki Nakayama Architects

  • Vlaamse Overheid

  • Kasterlee, Belgium

  • 360 m2

  • 430000 € Vat Excl.

  • In execution
  • LIST-photographie Alain Potignon