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Complete mission for C & S engineering.


The Kaai campus in Anderlecht of the Erasmushogeschool Brussel and the School of Arts RICTS will be renovated and enlarged to include both a theatre hall with a theatre tower and a film studio for the Drama and Audiovisual Arts and Stage Techniques courses. A gallery-foyer will connect both the existing and new buildings; it can serve as a creative pollination space for students of different courses. The project design results from a collaboration between Trans V+, TTAS, Boydens Engineering, and Daidalos Peutz.

Specific features

In addition to local interventions in the existing buildings, a new theatre and film studio will be built on the site of the current above-ground car park. The different halls are structurally doubled for optimal acoustic performance. The facades consist of insulated hollow walls. The largest spans of the roof (up to more than 16 m) are realized with TT beams. The gallery consists of a light steel structure. All structural elements remain visible.

  • TRANS V+

  • Erasmushogeschool Brussel

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • 7000 m2

  • In Study
  • TRANS V+