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School building A la Croiseé des Chemins - 15.047


Complete mission for C & S Engineering.


The project comprises a nursery school (312 puîls), a primary school (576 pupils), and a sports hall. The primary school, the highest building in the complex, has one basement level and 4 levels of super structure.

Specific features

The vertical structure of the schools is composed of loadbearing façade walls, and columns for the interior of the buildings. Load bearing masonry replaces reinforced concrete at the top levels of the building where the magnitude of the load permits it. Light weight flat slabs are used as horizontal structure so as to avoid beams, therefore, minimize the risk of conflict between structure and building service ducts. Glued laminated timber is used for the structure of the sports hall to create constant cross section, variable geometry beams, posed on columns. The ensemble is braced in the transversal direction by the concrete walls, and by steel bracing in the longitudinal direction.


Be. Exemplary Award 2016, Brussels Capital Region.

  • B2Ai (BURO II & ARCHI+i)

  • City of Brussels

  • Brussels, Belgique

  • 8250 m2

  • 12500000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • Danica O. Kus