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Swimming pool Ostend - 17,001


Complete study for C & S engineering.


The new urban complex consists of sports facilities made up of an Olympic-sized pool and a 4.5 m deep instruction pool, both equipped with movable bottoms for optimum use. There is also a large recreational swimming zone with 2 hung slides, monkey bars, and toys elements. A spacious cafeteria and many divisible multipurpose areas are planned as well. The building program also includes 22 social apartments. The building is adhering to the passive building standards.

Specific features

The main span of the swimming halls is realized thanks to laminated wooden beams of 33 m length. These wooden prefabricated elements combine a structural function (roof structure, horizontal diaphragm) with an acoustic function and aesthetic qualities. On top of the dressing room areas there are two ' towers ' of 3 and 5 floors built for social housing. The structural system was optimized by means of transfer structures to enable the stacking of different functions.

  • VenhoevenCS - B2Ai

  • Sportbuilders nv

  • Ostend, Belgium

  • 15210 m2

  • In execution
  • VenhoevenCS and B2AI