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Temporary structure Church Sainte-Marie Madeleine - 15.094


Stabilization of a church classifed as architectural heritage.


Although desacralized and deserted, St. Marie Madeleine, classified as Walloon heritage, stays an architectural element of the city of Tournai since the 13th century. Different damages since its construction, especially the bombardments of the two wars and the loss of its nave buttresses have left the church with numerous pathologies, some of which endanger the stability of its masonry structure. In the absence of a viable program assigning a new function to the church, a metallic structure will be erected by which the masonry walls of the nave and the transept will be temporarily reinforced. This structure will bear the external loads applied to the existing building, while preventing the masonry walls from further displacement.

Specific features

The metallic structure is entirely dismantlable. It will be erected inside the building to minimize the visual impact of the intervention on the façades of the church.

  • Romuald Casier

  • Institut du Patrimoine Wallon

  • Tournai, Belgium

  • 500000 € Vat Excl.

  • In execution
  • Ney & Partners