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‘Viaduc des Allemands’ - 16.067


Structural analysis of new superstructure, substructure remains with local strengtening.


The “Viaduc des Allmands” was built by the Germans during WWI. The structure is composed of two different parts. The 1st part runs over the Maas river with 3 isostatic spans and a total length of 245 m. The 2nd part is made up of 7 isostatic bays with a span of 41 m each. The two parts form a total length of 532 m. The structure of the bridge comprises riveted steel trusses supported by non-reinforced concrete pillars. Because of its strategic importance the bridge was blown up during WWII. Shortly after the war it was again rebuilt as an exact replica. Upon inspection it was revealed that the steel structure has suffered considerable degradation due to corrosion rendering it incompatible with the safety requirements of its function. So, a safe use of the viaduct was no longer guaranteed. Infrabel has therefore decided to replace the bridge, but in its original form. To reduce the noise pollution and the exploitation costs it was decided to use a mixed structure consisting of a metal deck covered by a ballast box in reinforced concrete. Given the additional load due to this solution, the concrete pillars had to be reinforced. The bays over the Maas river were replaced by a hyperstatic structure so as to limit the number of dilatation joints. The isostatic parts were placed by a crane.

  • Ney & Partners

  • Infrabel

  • Visé, Belgium

  • 537 m

  • 4028 m2

  • 12000000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • JL Deru - Ney & Partners