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Viewpoint Wilhelminaberg - 16.081


Complete mission for the architectural and structural design of a viewpoint.


The Wilhelminaberg in Landgraaf, is together with Park Gravenrode and Park Endless Summer one of the 14 priority areas of the International Bauaustellung Park City (IBA). This region needs new ideas and a vision for the future. She is, after all recovering of an industrial past and looking for a new economy. Ney & Partners, suggested in a design competition, to build at the top of the mountain an iconic orientation and viewpoint.

Specific features

The form of the artwork is inspired by an oloïd, a pure geometric form based on two interlocking circles. This offers versatile formal and functional ability. The landmark is the crowning of a 20th-century slag heap composed of 20 million cubic meters of stone waste. Its function is to become a public place, an icon and landmark for the 21st century. An existing public staircase counting of 558 steps leads to the 38-metre-high structure, where one can walk in an endless walk up to 263 metres height above sea level.

  • Ney & Partners

  • IBA Parkstad

  • Landgraaf, The Netherlands

  • 5300 m2

  • Competition Design
  • bmd - Ney & Partners