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Footbridge Léon Tchiniss - 08.044


Complete mission for civil and structural engineering.


The structure links the place Vivegnis to the 'Coteaux' and overpasses the railways.

Specific features

The footbridge, in steel, has a span of 29.5 m and is supported at one side by an old retaining wall and at the other side by a prismatic wood structure. This wood structure measures length = 40 m; height = 12 m; width = 7 and mixes glulam and plain wood. Wood essence used are Douglas-fir, Larch-fir and Oak-tree. Joints were made with steel plates set into the wood by dowels. Design of elements and details tried to guarantee a maximum the durability of the whole structure avoiding any water stagnation. Any Sapwood is removed, this way no other protection is required.


Green Solution Awards 2019, category 'Green Infrastructure' and Public Award

  • Atelier d'Architecture Alain Richard - M. Cornet

  • City of Liège

  • Liège, Belgium

  • 30 m

  • 320 m2

  • 1541000 € Vat Excl.

  • In execution
  • Alain Janssens -