Projects / Vivegnis footbridge

Vivegnis footbridge - 08.044


Complete mission for civil and structural engineering.


The structure links the place Vivegnis to the 'Coteaux' and overpasses the railways.

Specific features

The footbridge, in steel, has a span of 29.5 m and is supported at one side by an old retaining wall and at the other side by a prismatic wood structure. This wood structure measures length = 40 m; height = 12 m; width = 7 and mixes glulam and plain wood. Wood essence used are Douglas-fir, Larch-fir and Oak-tree. Joints were made with steel plates set into the wood by dowels. Design of elements and details tried to guarantee a maximum the durability of the whole structure avoiding any water stagnation. Any Sapwood is removed, this way no other protection is required.

  • Atelier d'Architecture Alain Richard - M. Cornet

  • City of Liège

  • Vivegnis, Belgium

  • 30 m

  • 320 m2

  • 1200000 € Vat Excl.

  • In execution
  • Atelier d'Architecture Alain Richard - Alain Janssens