The construction of the Tintagel footbridge enters final phase, Tintagel (UK) - (June 27, 2019)

Last week six bridge sections have been installed, spanning half of the 66 meters between the mainland and the island. The steel sections are each made up to 5 tons of steel and arrived fully fabricated in Tintagel village. They were lifted into place by a cable crane. Designed by Ney & Partners in association with William Mathews Associates, the Tintagel footbridge is a striking feat of engineering. The bridge is made from two cantilevers, which reach out – but not quite – in the middle. It’s installed without scaffolding or temporary supports. A cable crane dropped each of the pre-fabricated sections of the bridge into place., which are then bolted together. The site of the castle is to be re-opened for public this summer. ©English Heritage Trust